The Janasarana Foundation is symbolic of the rays of dawn, that brings with it new hope. It is today the reality of a dream which was passionately pursued by Dr. Soma Edirisinghe, because she wanted to make a difference to the lives filled with gloom and desperation. Her motto being "to serve others", she extended her responsibility to the under privileged, so as to give them better lives, this she did successfully using her past experiences as District Governor of the Lions Clubs International District 306C.

How Janasarana began? When hundreds of thousands letters kept pouring in to her home, urging her to continue her social service her children encouraged and supported her to establish Janasarana. It was at her residence on 24th September, 2004 the Janasarana Movement was born. Working from home with only her daughter Deepa to help her, she began work on small projects. The letters continued to pour in on a daily basis requesting assistance for varying needs.

With momentum building up, Dr. Soma Edirisinghe took on her first project at Punyaloka Viharaya in her birth village of Meegoda; here she provided five wheel chairs and 750 spectacles for deserving people. This was done through the Suwanetha Mobile Eye Care Unit which she had purchased and manned with volunteer doctors and medical staff. The Tsunami devastation in December 2004 also turned out to be the revolving point for Janasarana. Along with her own TV and radio stations, thousands of employees and other public volunteers Janasarana came forward in response to desperate calls for immediate relief of food, medical aid, drinking water and sanitation. Health camps and projects to construct houses were also initiated.

The first Monthly Programme of Jansarana was held on 31st May 2005 at the Chairpersons residence at No. 7/6, Sulaiman Terrace, Colombo 05, where sewing machines, wheel chairs and household items were donated to the needy. Having moved into various areas of activity, the Janasarana Team travels to remote villages even amidst terrorist threats, as was the case in the past, where they not only provided essential items such as food, clothing and medicines but also safety and protection. Some of the other projects that have been successfully initiated and are on-going , include donations to under developed hospitals, providing wheel chairs, artificial limbs, walking aids, crutches etc to the physically handicapped, empowering the women of the villages by donating sewing machines for self-employment and making donations in cash and kind to under privileged schools & school children, destitute families and war heroes. Janasarana has also distributed over 335, 000 reading glasses free of charge to the needy, provided electricity to rural villages, constructed houses for those affected by the Tsunami and provided educational scholarships. Furthermore the Foundation manages the Punarjeewa Fund which assists people undergoing surgery for heart related diseases, the Sunhinda Lions Care Center for Elders, the Suwanetha Lions Eye Hospital, the Suwanetha Mobile Eye Care Unit and the Chuo Maithree Pre- School.

Janasarana has ably answered the nation’s humanitarian calls by way of organizing Blood Donation Campaigns, where thousands of pints of blood have been collected for the National Blood Bank and the donation of ambulances, fire engines etc. to the Sri Lanka Army.

Janasarana having completed more than 1172 social service projects is probably one of the few social service organizations in the country to have achieved this standing.

No. 114, Ward Place, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka
[T] +94 11 269 4822 , +94 11 269 4824
[F] +94 11 2674435


The Punarjeewa – Dr. Soma Edirisinghe Fund launched in September 2008 is a highly commendable landmark project, the first of its kind to be carried-out in Sri Lanka. It was set up with the objective of assisting patients faced with financial difficulties to undergo heart surgery.

Monetary support for the project comes from both the rich & the poor who wish to be part of this life saving project; the affluent both locally and internationally have supported this worthy cause giving generously and so have the less affluent living in remote areas of Sri Lanka, who have all come forward to give of their pittance for the sake of saving a precious life. We raise our hats to all of them and look forward to more financial support from every corner of the globe; every penny & every cent counts on this journey of saving lives.


Suwanetha – Meaning "Healing Eyes" is the brainchild of Former District Governor, Founder Janasarana Foundation and Humanitarian Lion Dr. Soma Edirisinghe. Suwanetha Lions Eye Hospital is a project initiated in association with the Lions Club of Thimbirigasyaya District 306 C2 with the objective of reducing visual impairment amongst the poorest of poor unable to afford treatment that could otherwise save them from eye diseases, disorders and even total blindness.

The hospital was built on land donated by Chief Priest of the Kande Purana Temple using funds which have largely been the Founder / Chairpersons own resources along with public donations.

The Hospital which stands for excellence in eye care provides high quality services which includes Ophthalmology facilities OPD, Surgery, Optometry, Diagnostic and Therapeutic services totally free of charge to men, women and children of all ages, living under the poverty line. A team of specialist Doctors, experienced nursing staff and highly trained staff members complement the people friendly, healing ambience at the Suwanetha Lions Eye Hospital.

No. 208/1, Kolonnawa Road, Gothatuwa New Town, Sri Lanka
[T] +94 11 526 2626